Macross Zero Original Soundtrack 1

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The first original soundtrack album for Macross Zero that is composed by Kuniaki Haishima. It includes background music and "Arkan" ending theme song sung by Holy Raz.

Track Listing

  1. Life Song (vocals by Yutaka Fukuoka & Holy Raz)
  2. ARKAN ~part1~(vocals by Holy Raz)
  3. VF-Zero
  4. Bird Human (鳥の人)
  5. Sky Shine
  6. Forest Song
  7. Welcome
  8. Wind of the Perished (滅びの風)
  9. Sea Sage (海聖)
  10. counter clockwise
  11. crack radio
  12. MAO
  13. Totem Spell
  14. GAN BORA
  15. Prayer
  16. MAYAN
  17. ARKAN~part2~(vocals by Holy Raz)

Release data

Compact Disc Release

  • Releaser: Victor Entertainment
  • Product code: VICL-61042
  • Release date: January 22, 2003
  • Price: 2900 yen, 3045 yen (tax included)