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The Queadlunn Quilqua is a modified version of the Queadluun-Rau, a mobile battle power suit for Zentradi women pilots, which strengthened the output and armaments. Upon review with the original unit, the airframe structure, armaments, and high-maneuverability nozzles are greatly improved, strengthening the high maneuverability combat abilities and firepower. Compared to the original unit, performance is improved by 20% and is said to be the strongest of the Queadlunn-series. Emilia Jenius was known to have equipped her airframe with smoke jet equipment.

Since there are so few Queadlunn Quilqua identified, especially in the Queadlunn-series, actual deployment is unknown. Its airframe was a vintage by Space War I and it is theorized that several units were equipped for combat.

Design Features

Compared to the Rau-type unit, it is enlarged due to remodeling but maintains excellent maneuverability due to many high maneuverability nozzles. Maneuverability is comparable to VF-19 Custom, which boasted the best performance of variable fighters during its time. Emilia's colored smoke screen jets may not have been regular equipment. Enlarged backpack increases missile load and changing of chest armaments increases firepower but armaments remain fixed like the Rau-type. Omitting the hips, the basic body which adds enlarged limbs and backpack is the same as the Rau-Type, ensuring capacity by enlarging the unit by adding various equipment to enhance its performance.


  • Unknown
  • High-maneuverability nozzles throughout body.


Structure around the cockpit hatch has been modified from the Rau-type.


Sensor, mounted on the rear center. Movable sensor face, antennas projecting from head, and high-pressure jets covering shoulder section. Two antenna on the top of the fuselage are modified to be a periscope sensor.


  • Main blaster, mounted of the left chest
  • Large caliber mortar cannon and sub-gun, mounted on the right chest
  • Arm-mounted 3-barrel Gatling guns
  • Four high-maneuver missile launchers, mounted on the back and ankle joints.


  • Unknown




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