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Shinsei Frontier/L.A.I VF-19EF Caliburn


Monkey model of the VF-19E. Since Earth was blatantly reluctant to export to the colony fleets, mass production of the VF-19E in the Frontier fleet was primarily a joint development with Shinsei Frontier and LAI. The airframe control, A.I., sensor system and other equipment are original developments of Frontier, with a limiter placed on some mechanisms. It is equipped with canards and VFC according to S.M.S doctrine which believes that atmospheric combat is important. The S.M.S specification also adopted the experimental EX-Gear prototype as a flight control system and succeeded in protecting the pilot from the unparalleled maneuverability of the VF-19.

The commander-specification unit also exists, according to the S-type specification, equipped with expanded command communication devices and additional laser machine guns. The commander-specific is informally referred to as the EFs-type.

The standard equipped gun pod is normally the Hughes GU-15, but it can be equipped with the new model Hughes GU-17A developed for the VF-25 (Chelsea's unit, who likes close-quarter combat, is equipped with a GU-17A). Modifications were made to the body frame in order to withstand the larger recoil of the GU-17A.

154 planes were produced and most were deployed to S.M.S. A number were deployed to Frontier's New U.N. Armed Forces special squadron, "Round Table", playing a active part counter-terrorism special operations unit (mainly for popularity). The data collected by S.M.S would bring into fruition in the VF-25 and VF-171EX.

Even though S.M.S accelerated deployment of the state-of-the-art VF-25 Messiah in 2059, some forces still used fighters from prior generations such as the VF-19EF. With S.M.S's flexibility toward armaments, occasionally S.M.S operates aircraft brought in from other businesses or individuals.

The VF-19EF/A nicknamed the "Isamu Dyson Special" is the personal aircraft of S.M.S.'s Isamu Dyson. Even though Isamu desired the VF-19A when he joined S.M.S. it was impossible to obtain a VF-19A and only a small quantity of detuned VF-19EF were available within S.M.S. due to restrictions placed on the VF-19 series. Isamu Dyson contacted Dr. Yang Neumann, who became Shinsei Industries VF Development adviser. Dr. Nuemann did not comply when Isamu initially requested sale of VF-19A parts through illegal channels but instead presented the "VF-19ADVANCE"-project to Shinsei Industries to develop a prototype to improve and prolong the life of the VF-19, as 20 years have passed since its development. In the project documentation, it notes that the completed aircraft will be consigned to S.M.S.'s Isamu Dyson to carry out testing. The goal of the project was to remodel a VF-19EF into a YF-19 to gain higher performance.


  • VF-19E - Original version.
  • VF-19EF - Monkey model of VF-19E. Standard version developed aboard Macross Frontier.
  • VF-19EFs - Version assigned to team leaders with additional laser machine guns and expanded communications equipment.
  • VF-19EF/A - Model created from "VF-19ADVANCE" project to prolong the life of the VF-19 series.

Design Features

VFC. Canard wings. Airframe control, A.I. and sensor system are exclusive to Macross Frontier. Pin-point barrier system. Active Stealth system. VF-19EF/A appearance almost identical to YF-19 with forward-swept wings from the prototype. In private comparative testing, the maximum thrust is greater and air combat maneuverability surpassed an ISC-equipped VF-25. Although wasn't expensive, Isamu Dyson invested a majority of his S.M.S. salary into the development costs. Original integrated air combat software "ARIEL" from YF-19 no. 3 aircraft installed. Engine thrust improved by 10% by exchanging engine parts and improving control program. Improved responsiveness by exchanging avionics from latest VF-19-series (no publicly disclosed). The VF-19EF/A's minor weight changed through strengthening modifications is offset by the use of advanced lightweight materials.


  • Shinsei/P&W/RR-made FF-2550E thermonuclear turbine engines (in space, maximum thrust of 660 kN) , equipped with thrust reverser and three-dimensional thrust-vectoring nozzles. (VF-19EF, VF-19EFs)
  • Two FF-2500E thermonuclear turbine engines (maximum instantaneous thrust 697.5 NT), Tuned by Isamu Alva Dyson. Although thrust has been increased by 10%, the remodeling gave an improvement in reactivity due to additional thrust. (VF-19EF/A)
  • Modified VF-25 Super parts increase thrust in space. (VF-19EF/A)


Pilot with EX-Gear (VF-19EF, VF-19EFs aboard Macross Frontier). One pilot; EX-Gear is not installed (VF-19EF/A).


EX-Gear (VF-19EF, VF-19EFs aboard Macross Frontier). SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active Stealth system.


  • Mauler REB-30G anti-aircraft laser machine gun
  • Mauler REB-23 semi-fixed laser machine gun
  • Standard Hughes GU-15 gun pod
    • Optional Hughes GU-17A gun pod, developed for the VF-25 Messiah, can be mounted.
  • Pin-point Barrier system.
    • Howard PBS-05F Pin-point Barrier system (VF-19EF/A)


Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Length overall:
    • VF-19EF/A: 18.62 m

Masses and Loadings

  • Mass empty:
    • VF-19EF/A: 8755 kg


Fighter Mode

  • Cruising speed
    • VF-19EF/A, (standard in atmosphere at 10000 m): Mach 5.6+
  • Max Cruising speed
    • VF-19EF/A: at 30,000+ m: Mach 25.5+
  • Combat Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet) (VF-19EF/A)
  • Maximum rate of climb at S/L
    • VF-19EF/A: 69,000 m/min
  • Combat action radius (in atmosphere): Nearly unlimited (VF-19EF/A)
  • g limits:
    • VF-19EF/A: +57.5/-36 G


  • Minimum T-O/Landing run: 0 m (VTOL capable)

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