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  • Establishment of OTEC, an alien technology analysis research institute, through joint Japanese-American-Russian[Soviet]-[West] German-English-French collaboration.


  • Research on anti-giant combat weaponry systems ([later designated as] Battroid and Destroid) begins. (note: Macross Chronicle notes that this event can also be considered to have begun in March)


  • The existence of aliens officially announced (except for their size and other details which are kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for Earth U.N. Government officially announced.


U.N. Wars
U.N. Wars
  • Outbreak of dispute [in People's Republic of Garalia] in the Middle East. The frequent disputes and internal conflicts occurring hereafter in all areas of the world become collectively known as the U.N. Wars.


  • In the Sea of Tranquility on the Lunar surface, construction of a large-scale permanent base, "Apollo," begins.


  • The idea of an Unified Government is announced by the United Nations. Hereafter, the United Nations is considered to be the provisional Unified Government.
  • The No.1 craft of the first anti-extraterrestrial humanoid weapon Destroid is completed.
  • Designing of the HWR-00 series begins.

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  • The creators have noted that Russia (or the former Soviet Union) is part of the new U.N. government -- although Russia had separatist elements and rebellions like other countries.
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