Diamond Crevasse

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This article is written from the Real World point of view.

"Diamond Crevasse" is the ending theme song of the Macross Frontier animated television series. Yoko Kanno composed and arranged this song, and hal wrote the lyrics. May'n sings this song. It will be available on the "Diamond Crevasse" CD single from JVC Entertainment.

Within the story, the song is Sheryl Nome's "full-bodied rock ballad" that is currently a big hit throughout space in 2059.

This is the first song that May'n has ever sang for a Macross project. Due to time limitations, this song was replaced by "Aimo" as the ending theme for the April 2008 broadcast edition of the first episode. A version of "Ai Oboete Imasu ka" ("Do You Remember Love?") sung by Megumi Nakajima substituted as the ending theme for the same episode's Deculture Edition (the December 2007 broadcast edition).