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Roiquonmi Glaug


  • Type: Zentradi one-man tactical pod, commander type
  • Equipment Type: Aerospace Craft
  • Manufacturer: Roiquonmi 330048902th Zentradi Fully Automated Weaponry Development and Production
  • Government: Zentradi
  • Customers: Zentradi Army

Glaug is a Zentradi Army one-man battle pod developed for the Stellar Republic dissolution conflict. Combat data collected on the front lines along with constant tweaking influenced the basic design leading to a high survival rate and superior practicality. Moreover, armaments and optional parts were abundant with a higher combat abilities compared to the Regult, which was adopted as the main Zentradi combat unit. It was mainly operated as a high-level commander unit and demonstrated the performance as a unit of power by Quamzin Kravshera during Space War I. The unit used by Quamzin was discovered in good condition at an armament warehouse about 3700 cycles ago.

The Glaug was introduced late during a large development competition for the main weapon of the Zentradi Army which would give birth to a derivative unit at the first stage of the Stellar Republic dissolution conflict. But, 280,000 cycles ago, the Supervision Army damaged the Glaug's fully-automated production system in an all-fronts attack on the Roiquonmi weapons factory. Thereafter, it is relatively difficult to find this weaponry system.

Design Features

Glaug features the same reverse-joint leg as the Regult. The reverse-jointed leg supports the front and back of the long body. Wire hooks are installed in the leg section tips used for transporting supplies. Catapult launcher connection on large atmospheric combat booster.

Flying Controls

Glaug relies almost exclusively on vernier thrusters for flying controls. Thrust surpasses Regult and compares favorably with a variable fighter (VF) in maneuverability.


  • 3.9 GGV class Roiquonmi thermonuclear reaction furnance.
  • Numerous vernier thrusters.
  • Option of large atmospheric combat booster for atmospheric entry with 4 thrusters and stabilizers, long-range atmospheric flight, and atmospheric combat (Glaug thus equipped is designated Power Up Glaug).


One only.


HUD, forward view screens. One forward-looking main sensor and numerous other sensors. Periscope. Steering levers connect to wires that move back and forth synchronizing with movement of the levers.


  • Two large-bore impact cannons, mounted on the arms
  • Two small-bore impact cannons, mounted on the arms
  • One long-range electron beam cannon with 360-degree rotation.
  • Two small-bore laser anti-personnel cannons
  • Six close-combat seeking missiles, mounted on the left and right sides of the body where the arms attach to the body. Seeking equipment is mounted inside.
  • Missile launchers on atmospheric combat booster.

Dimensions, External

  • Height overall: 16.55 m
  • Width overall: [11.4 m]
  • Length overall: [12.66 m]

Masses and Loadings

  • Total mass: 41200 kg