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Esbeliben Regult


  • Type: Zentradi one-man tactical pod
  • Equipment Type: AEROSPACE CRAFT
  • Manufacturer: Esbeliben 4432369th Zentradi Fully Automated Weaponry Development and Production
  • Government: Zentradi
  • Customers: Zentradi Army

Regult is the one-man battle pod synonymous with the Zentradi army. Assumed deployment to the entire Zentradi army, this weapon aimed at improving regular infantry survival and overwhelming numbers by emphasizing production. Moreover, since lowering costs were pursued, it has an extremely simple structure and even better maintainability. However, there are many parts that needed manual operation because the system is overly simplified and performance is inferior to battle suits like the Nousjadeul-Ger. Still, this unit operates as the standard armament of the Zentradi army and has been used on the front lines of Space War I.

Since the early days of the Stellar Republic dissolution conflict where it was deployed in actual combat and after modification ended about 500,000 cycles ago, it continues to be produced and operated till the present. Mass production at the Esbeliben 4432369th Zentradi Fully Automated Weaponry is said to have produced 300 million total. This unit has been deployed to almost the entire Zentradi army as the main mass-produced mecha. However, this unit has low-flight performance, making cooperation with atmospheric battle pod necessary for planetary invasion operations. At the end of Space War I, production of the Regult for potential Earth defensive combat continued when the seizure operation of the Factory Satellite was executed.


After the first Interstellar War, they were incorporated into the New UN Forces and given new model numbers.


  • Light Missile Carrier: Version with anti-aircraft cannons replaced by light self-guided missiles
  • Heavy Missile Carrier: Version with anti-aircraft cannons replaced by heavy multi-warhead missiles for fire support. Mobility is decreased due to excess weight.
  • Tactical Scout: Reconnaissance version upgraded by Ectromelia 979972010th Zentradi Fully-Automatic Weapons Factory, Development.


  • ZBP-104 - 104 Regult - Normal version. Used by Al-Shahal's New UN army's Zentradi garrison.
  • ZBP-106 - 106 Regult - Built-in booster and Queadluun-Rhea arms. Used by Al-Shahal's New UN army's Zentradi garrison.

Design Features

When deploying on a planet from a warship and returning, large-scale descent pod is used. Airframe's egg-shaped body has circumferential propulsion rockets on the right and left side of the body and on the soles of the feet with reverse-jointed legs. The structure is simplified for cost reduction, lacking resistance and rigidity while having a low failure rate. Body section functions as an escape pod which detaches from the legs and independent flight is possible. Because of a high center of gravity due to the body structure supported by a thin legs, stability is low. Therefore, it occasionally fell when facing enemy fighters in a ground war. Legs were used for walking and jumping were occasionally damaged by coming in contact with a VF. The leg joint base has a weakness where the entire airframe fell immobile when destroyed. Because the structure was simplified, manually operated sections were criticized as being a burden on the pilot, "one became more tired than walking with the body". Also because the armor was thin, survivability did not seem high. For storage, it connects to and sits on a fixed pedestal while legs fold.

Flying Controls

Regult relies almost exclusively on vernier thrusters for flying controls. Jumps in short distances and water movement is possible by using small thrusters on the bottom of the feet.


  • 1.3 GGV class Esbeliben thermonuclear reaction furnace. Output is lowered due to supressed production costs and armament output is lowered as a consequence.
  • Numerous vernier thrusters. Circumferential propulsion rockets mounted on the right and left sides of the body and on the soles of the feet.


One only wearing a standard space suit. Due to the cramped cockpit, the Zentradi soldier is said to be less maneuverable. Cockpit hatch located at the rear of the fuselage, integrated with the seat backing. The pilot uses a step on the fixed base to enter the cockpit.


Forward view screen, microphone, one forward-looking main sensor, numerous other sensors, and instruments. Tactical scout version has a standard all-frequency radar antenna and standard, laser long-range sensor mounted on dorsal fuselage, and Ectromelia infrared, visible, and ultraviolet frequency sensor cluster.


  • Two medium-bore electron beam guns mounted forward on main fuselage.
  • Two small-bore anti-personnel cannons mounted forward on main fuselage.
  • Two small-bore laser anti-aircraft guns (standard version), twenty-four light close-combat self-guided missiles (light missile carrier), or four heavy close-combat multi-warhead guided missiles (heavy missile carrier) mounted on dorsal fuselage.
  • Tactical scout version has no armament.

Note: Guns have limited range of movement and removable base allows other modules to be used, modifying the equipment for the mission.

Dimensions, External

  • Height overall: 15.12 m

Light missile carrier version:

  • Height overall: 18.67 m
  • Width overall: 9.86 m
  • Length overall: 8.2 m

Heavy missile carrier version:

  • Height overall: 19.12 m
  • Width overall: 8 m
  • Length overall: 8.3 m

Tactical scout version:

  • Height overall: 18.20 m
  • Width overall: 12.6 m
  • Length overall: 7.6 m

Masses and Loadings

Total mass:

  • 37000 kg
  • 39600 kg (Light missile carrier)
  • 41000 kg (Heavy missile carrier)
  • 39800 kg (Tactical scout)