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Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger


  • Type: Zentradi general-issue powered suit
  • Equipment Type: Battle Suits
  • Manufacturer: Flemenmik 7721242921TH Zentradi Fully Automated Weapons Factory, Development and Production
  • Government: Zentradi
  • Customers: Zentradi Army

The most recent type of Zentradi military-type, combat powered suit is the Nousjadeul-Ger. The basic concept gives soldiers maximum firepower while pursuing space maneuverability and survivability succeeding as a battle pod with excellent combat capabilities and mobility beyond comparison. In addition, the system boasts high durability, low failure rate, and large variety of armaments. The Nousjadeul-series appeared during the first stage of the Stellar Republic dissolution conflict and the Ger-type, which is the latest model in use for about 500,000 cycles, has operated continuously in this known specification.

Movie version

The main mobile weapons of the Zentradi army are the battle pod Regult and this enhanced combat armor (powered suit). The latter is represented by the Nousjadeul-series which has been in continuous operation since the start of the war, 500,000 years ago and the Nousjadeul-Ger is the latest model that has space maneuverability, firepower and durability. Featuring powerful fixed armaments and a set of 3 thrusters along the back, it draws out the performance of the giants by adopting a semi-organic combat control system. During the first Interstellar War, it fought a fierce battle with the Meltrandi combat suit, the Queadluun. It has excellent close-combat abilities compared to the Regult thanks to different limbs and excellent operability in response to special missions.


While bullet-resistance and maneuverability is guaranteed, the resulting unit's design philosophy simultaneously gives the weapon great firepower to soldiers while making the form similar to a space suit. Therefore, this unit's airframe has a similar structure to Zentradi body, demonstrating excellent close-combat capabilities. The shape has head, waist, and limbs closer to the Zentradi body than the Queadluun. Three-block structure to the sole (toe, center, heel).

Movie version

The main body is similar to a humanoid providing a head and limbs with distributed structure of vernier thrusters and many large-scale high-manueverability verniers. In addition, the design improves durability and survival rate of the front lines.

Flying Controls

Nousjadeul-Ger relies almost exclusively on vernier thrusters for flying controls.


  • 2.4 GGV class Flemenmik thermonuclear converter.
  • Numerous vernier thrusters. Three large thrusters in large-scale backpack and group of 3 auxiliary boosters on the back of each leg calf. Atmospheric flight is possible but maneuverability is inferior to Queadluun.


One only. Arms protrude out to control manipulators which are in front of the shoulder socket. This unit needed skill to control and handle weapons. The pilot is still in a cramped posture but suffered less fatigue than Regult pilots. Cockpit hatch on the upper chest surface armor opens forward. Small hatches on the sides of the console opens outwards.


One main cockpit wraparound screen in the head. One forward-looking main sensor and numerous other sensors. Camera eye in the center of the head turret.

Movie version

Center screen in front of the pilot's head. Left, and right view screens. This unit adopts a method of controlling both arms remotely with control sticks in the chest for improved durability and survival rate. In addition, it is equipped with an auxiliary direct control system with the nervous system utilizing a semi-organic body organization where the pilot is connected to the airframe via an organic connector. The direct control with the nervous system is designed to prevent nerve damage to the pilot and excessive feedback.


  • Primary Cannon: large-bore medium-range liquid plasma cannon, over the rear right shoulder. Storage hook behind the left shoulder for the long barrel.
  • Secondary Cannon: medium-bore rapid-fire impact cannon. Can be exchanged with several kinds of armaments.
  • Hand-Mounted: miniature main laser machine pistol, short-range electron beam [gun] assault rifle, and numerous other hand-mounted weapons. Spare laser machine pistol magazines stored on the right waist. Laser machine pistol can also be used by Zentradi soldiers.

Dimensions, External

  • Height overall: 16.40 m
    • Height, overall (movie version): 16.8 m
  • Width overall: [11.8 m]
  • Length overall: [8.4 m]

Masses and Loadings

  • Total mass: 34700 kg
    • Mass, overall (movie version): 36.8 t



  • Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake, Yutaka Izubuchi (Do You Remember Love? redesign)
  • The important thing to note about Vrlitwhai, Exsedol, Nousjadeul-Ger, Quitra Queleual, and other similar alien names is that they are not meant to be Japanese or English names in the Macross universe. The Macross creators deliberately gave these names unusual Romanizations to befit their alien nature.