Macross Frontier O.S.T. 1: Nyan Fro.

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"Macross Frontier O.S.T. 1: Nyan Fro." CD album cover
Macross Frontier O.S.T. 1: Nyan Fro. (MBS・TBS系TVアニメーション マクロスF(フロンティア) O.S.T.1 娘フロ。) is the first full album release for the Macross Frontier animated television series. It became the first anime soundtrack to rank in the top three of Oricon's weekly chart of all albums sold in Japan since The End of Evangelion soundtrack in 1997.

Track listing

  1. Frontier 2059
  2. Welcome To My FanClub's Night! (Sheryl On Stage)
  3. What 'bout my star? (Sheryl On Stage)
  4. Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't be late (Sheryl On Stage) [射手座☆午後九時Don't be late (Sheryl On Stage)]
  5. Vital Force
  6. Triangler
  7. Zero Hour
  8. What 'bout my star? @Formo
  9. Innocent green
  10. Aimo [アイモ]
  11. Big Boys [ビッグ・ボーイズ]
  12. Private Army
  13. SMS Team Song: That Girl's an Alien [SMS小隊の歌〜あの娘はエイリアン]
  14. Carrōt Loves you yeah! [ニンジーン Loves you yeah!]
  15. The Super Dimension Chinese Restaurant Nyan-Nyan Commercial Song (Ranka Version) [「超時空飯店 娘々」 CMソング(Ranka Version)]
  16. Alto's Theme
  17. TALLY HO!
  18. The Target
  19. Bajura
  20. Sparkle Sparkle [キラキラ]
  21. Aimo: Bird Human [アイモ〜鳥のひと]
  22. Take Off
  23. Infinity [インフィニティ]
  24. Diamond Crevasse [ダイアモンド クレバス]

Release data

  • Releaser: Flying Dog (JVC Entertainment)
  • Product code: VTCL-60060
  • Release date: June 4, 2008
  • Price: 2,900 yen
  • Price: 3,045 yen (tax included)

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