QF-2200 Ghost

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QF-2200 Ghost


  • Equipment Type Aerospace craft
  • Government U.N.
  • Type Unmanned stealth fighter
  • Customers UNS

The QF-2200D is a small, lightweight, high-maneuverability stealth unmanned reconnaissance fighter whose mass production began in 2002. After exhausting skilled pilots in the chaos of the early stages of the U.N. Wars, the U.N. Forces released this to the frontlines in large quantities. Since it was designed and produced with existing technologies and without using almost any OTM, it was suitable for mass production without much manufacturing costs. Deployed aboard CVN-99 Asuka II.

It was developed mainly to conduct armed reconnaissance at relatively low altitudes at high speeds. However, because it can use its superior stealth, small lightweight size, mounting of an unusually powerful engine that is nevertheless difficult for detection nets, and the maneuverability to exceed a maximum instantaneous level of 25G since it carries no pilot, it is even utilized for its fighting strength over the main fighters in close-in combat situations.

The ratio of maximum speed to engine thrust is low because its maximum speed is limited, due to how difficult it is to maintain both heat resistance and stealth at higher speeds with existing materials. Control is by an autonomous AI, but of course there is the capability for remote control from the surface or satellite also.


  • QF-2200D-A: Long-distance reconnaissance variant with added sensors to the nose.
  • QF-2200D-B: Variant equipped with a high-thrust turbofan jet unsuitable for such a small lightweight craft and modified for use as a booster for VF-0's special attack/assault specification. At first, the CVN-99 Asuka II's maintenance crewmembers intended to only use its engine, but since there was no time, they converted almost the entire vehicle as a booster.
  • QF-2200D: Small, lightweight, high-maneuverability stealth unmanned reconnaissance fighter whose mass production began in 2002. A low-speed, long-range reconnaissance model mounted with a low-fuel-consuming turbofan jet, a high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance model mounted with a turbofan/ramjet, and other variations exist in the QF-2200D series.

Power Plant

P&H/Shinnakasu F136C turbofan jet engine (QF-2200A). The Ghost's engine, the P&H/Shinnakasu F136C turbofan jet, has an established reputation for durability, but the crewmembers tuned it to 115% of normal thrust because they thought it would be better for enduring combat maneuvers of very short intervals. Low-fuel-consuming turbofan jet (low-speed, long-range reconnaissance model of QF-2200D) or turbofan/ramjet (high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance model of QF-2200D).




The QF-2200A's onboard AI, unnecessary avionics-related units, reconnaissance units, and other units were all removed to make it more lighter for use as the VF-0's booster; the wing surface and variable nozzle's control systems were linked to the VF-0's air combat maneuver computer; and the internal micro missile launchers' control were linked to the VF-0's FCS.


Five micro-missile launchers. (QF-2200A)



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