QF-5100D Goblin II

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QF-5100D Goblin II


  • Type: General-purpose unmanned reconnaissance fighter

While developed at the same time as the AIF-7S Ghost which was primarily for outer space, the "Goblin II" focused on atmosphere operation.

Design Features

Control surfaces on the main wings attached at an angle on the upper half of the fuselage. Twin fuselage aircraft. Able to detach from VF-27 and perform long-duration surveillance flights. In order to maintain stealth, micro-missile launchers are built-in. Two external equipment mounting pylons installed for special missions combines strengthened materials with support rafters to connect to VF-27. Goblin II can be remotely controlled through brain-wave control when separated from main aircraft.


  • Two Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice FF-203C thermonuclear turbine engine (in space, maximum thrust of 515 kN). In atmosphere, air from air intake is used as a propellant and coolant.


  • Six Bifors BLM-04B micro-missile launchers.


  • Length, overall: 8.02 m
  • width, overall: 5.83 m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 4,120 Kg


  • Maximum speed:
    • standard, in atmosphere at 10000 m: Mach 5.2+, on account of the fuselage heat-resistance boundary.
  • Maximum airframe design load: 25.5G (after remodeling as a Super part for a VF-27 Lucifer)

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