Shin Kudo

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Japanese-American ace pilot

Shin Kudo is a second-generation Japanese-American who lost his parents in the U.N. Wars. He became an United States Navy ace pilot before joining the U.N. Forces variable fighter developmental program. He later pilots the VF-0. While at the island of Mayan, he encounters a local girl named Sara Nome and her sister Mao Nome. Although young, brusque, and self-conscious about his short stature compared to other pilots, he is known for his fiercely-held pride and coolness under fire. Until now, he has only known war his entire life.

Age 18
Gender Male
Lineage Japanese
Height 168 cm approximately
Family Father, mother (both deceased in war)
Occupation Pilot
Affiliation United States Navy, U.N. Spacy
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade, Second Lieutenant
Assignment Illustria (Grumman F-14 Tomcat); CVN-99 Asuka II, Skull Team (Northrop Grumman/Stonewell/Shinsei VF-0)

Debut Macross Zero
Voice Kenichi Suzumura