ADR-04-Mk X Destroid Defender

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Viggers/Chrauler ADR-04-Mk X Destroid Defender Anti-Air Defense Robot




The Defender is a walking weapon of the Unified Forces that was developed using OTM. At the time the MBR-04-Mk I Mark One was developed, a version of the Destroid ambulatory system with the anti-aircraft Contraves system for use during the early stages of battle was also being developed by a Viggers-Chrauler joint effort as directed by the United Nations. It provides long-range firepower in space. The the unit was rolled out in March 2009, it was put into action with the Zentradi military. However, the cost of the unit was high and installing the high-definition targeting system became a bottleneck during mass production.

The Defender, along with the MBR-04-Mk IV Tomahawk and SDR-04-Mk XII Phalanx was SDF-1 Macross's Destroid weapon system used to oppose the Zentradi army attacks. The Defender is deployed as a movable turret around the deck and bridge of Macross, intercepting enemies that approached from various fields. They were deployed on multiple units on the deck of Macross intercepting approaching forces coming from the air. They also served as logistical support to the variable fighters (VF).


Each of this anti-aircraft engagement model's anti-tank class wide-bore gun barrels fires 500 rounds per minute, and with the combination of all four barrels, the Destroid can fire 2000 rounds per minute. The 78 mm rounds are fired by the Erlikon Contraves system at the muzzle velocity of 3300 m/sec. Since this system was developed for the purpose of super-long-range firing in space, it incurred especially high costs and significant difficulties during manufacture. The weapon bay and enclosed cockpit can detach from the main body. The ammunition feeds through the weapon bay from two double magazines mounted on top through the rotating section of the shoulder link. An enlarged variation of the double magazines was developed for greater ammunition capacity.

The Defender's large caliber gun on both arms specializes in interception capabilities and are not provided with a manipulator. In addition, their mobility is more dull compared to a VF Battroid even though it has an ambulatory system. From this, the Defender is said to be a unit that moonlights as a movable turret; the next generation of anti-aircraft tank. The foot structure is designed to reduce recoil when firing the main guns. The rotating mechanism structure of the body allows the unit to respond quickly to enemies approaching from the rear. Implementation of the shoulder and chest unit was established for rapid-fire bullets and was retrofitted to load a large number of major bullet types. In addition, the targeting system provided in the chest, was developed for long-range shooting in space and can perform extremely precise shooting.


  • CREW: 1
  • Cockpit is located in the parietal region and boards from a flip-up hatch.


  • Kranss-Maffai MT828 thermonuclear reactor developing 2800 shp and auxiliary GE EM10T fuel generator rated at 510 kW


  • (main) 2 x Erlikon 78 mm liquid-cooled high-speed automatic cannon Type 966 PFG Contraves set (commonly known as Contraves II)
    • Ammunition: (main) 2 x 200 standard
  • Range setting device: radar and starlight scope


  • Length (overall): 4.3 m
  • Width (overall): 8.6 m
  • Height (overall):
    • 11.27 m (Ground with antenna)
    • 10.73 m (Ground to antenna)

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass: 27100 kg

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