Az-130 Panzersoln

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General Galaxy/Mikoyan-Varauta Az-130 Panzersoln


  • Type: Main attack craft.
  • Equipment Type: Variable Vehicles
  • Manufacturer: General Galaxy/Messer-Varauta
  • Government: Varauta
  • Customers: Varauta

Design modeled after the VA-14 series tactical attack craft which was developed by General Galaxy during the 2025 period.

The AZ-130A Panzersoln a variable attacker fighter which was recovered by the Varauta army with added improvements to the VF-14 Vampire of the UN. Although it features a roundish body, the basic frame structure and basic transformation system are similar to the originating unit and is said to be the sister unit to the Fz-109 Elgersoln, which is similar to the VF-14. Heavy armor and heavily armed, redesigned wing and improved engine thrust, the air combat performance in atmosphere exceeds the performance of the Fz-109 and the VF-17 Nightmare.

The Az-130 was deployed under the command of the Protodeviln,Gavil, at the same time he was revived. Its role differed from the Fz-109, being for pure military force instead of Spiritia absorption. The Az-130 was abundantly equipped with missiles as an effective countermeasure against the Sound Force's Sound Barrier, since the Sound Barrier could not defend against live ammunition. This unit's proprietary technology, characteristic of the VF and Varauta army, excelled in high manueverability in atmosphere and proved the high combat performance to the Macross 7 fleet.


  • Az-130A: Standard version in service.

Note: Several other variants were thought to have existed during the conflict with the UN.

Design Features

Three-dimensional thrust vectoring, canard wing, Spritia absorption beam, large-bore blaster, multi-barrel rapid fire laser gun. Similar to the Fz-109, unknown Protodeviln technology is introduced in this high-performance unit. Large nose, long-range anti-ship missiles, and high powered radar, ground-attack sensor. Large-sized main wing. High design strength of each part points to a solid heavy form. Enlarged head and chest. Nose of attacker-mode forms head.


  • Two 55,000 kg class (maximum instantaneous thrust in space) Shinnakasu/Daimler FF-2770D thermonuclear turbine engines in Az-130A.
  • Two hexagonal under fuselage air intakes. Two three-dimensional vectored exhaust nozzles, for enhanced V/STOL performance and maneuverability.
  • P&W/Daimler HMM-5C high-maneuverability vernier thrusters.


Pilot only. The design of the original unit's cockpit of the original unit was said to reference a Zentradi battle pod which was modified by the Varauta army.


Nose-mounted, high powered radar. Ground-attack underside sensor. Control stick and throttle. Main camera under radar for ground attack.


  • Two swiveling [fixed] 35-mm machine guns [cannons] mounted fore of lower main fuselage in Attacker and GERWALK modes or to the sides of the main body in Battroid mode.
  • Two fixed three-barreled beam guns mounted in main fuselage in Attacker and GERWALK modes or on chest section in Battroid mode.
  • Fixed rear laser gun placement.
  • Four fixed micro-missile launchers mounted fore of engine nacelles in Attacker mode or in shoulders in GERWALK and Battroid modes.
  • Two standard medium-scale internal missile launchers mounted in lower rear engine nacelle in Attacker mode or in lower leg section in GERWALK and Battroid modes; 8 missiles each.
  • Two standard external multipurpose gun pods mounted inside engine nacelles/leg sections with exit ports in all variable modes or in manipulator in GERWALK and Battroid modes.
  • Spiritia absorption beam system.
  • Other equipment

Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Wing span: 22.15 m
  • Length overall: 17.78 m
  • Battroid mode:
    • Height overall: 17.73 m (does not include machine guns)

Masses and Loadings

  • Mass empty: 15500 kg


Fighter Mode

  • Cruising speed
    • in atmosphere: Mach 4.0+
  • Minimum T-O/Landing run: 0 m (VTOL capable)
  • Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet)
  • Maximum rate of climb at S/L: 37500 m/min
  • Combat action radius (in atmosphere): Nearly unlimited
  • g limits: +35.0/-20.5



  • Debut: Macross 7


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