Sv-262 Draken III

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General Galaxy (SV Works) Sv-262 Draken III


  • Government: Kingdom of Wind - Windermere
  • Manufacturer: General Galaxy "SV Works", Dian Cecht Company

A mysterious Valkyrie used by the Aerial Knights from the "Kingdom of Wind" located in a remote star system. Windermere Royal Army's main VF during the Second Windermere War of Independence. The Kingdom of Windermere used the Sv-154 Svard for a long time and due to its history and overall performance, the Sv-262 was quickly adopted as the main variable fighter of the royal family's Aerial Knights. The aircraft is manufactured by Dian Cecht, an aircraft manufacturer affiliated with the giant conglomerate Epsilon Foundation, and designed by SV Works. Designed as a localized fighter for base defense, it has excellent climbing, acceleration, and maneuverability, but its transformation system is complicated while its interior space and operational time outside of atmosphere is limited. The combination of the high power output air defense fighter and the superior physical ability of Windermerans gives this aircraft a high combat ability.


  • Sv-262Ba: Standard production model.
  • Sv-262Hs: Commander model. Enhanced communication and sensors. Longer nose than the Ba-variant. Twin-eye main camera and built-in tactical laser machine guns. Enlarged dogtooth main wing to compensate for increased output.

Design Features

Shinsei/LAI ISC-TO21G ISC (Inertia Store Converter). Double delta wing. Outer wings can be folded upwards and equipped with multipurpose support drones LD-262 Lil Draken. Lil Drakens act as a support fighter to assist mother fighter by scanning, jamming and disruption. Since it is not possible to park in fighter mode when Lil Draken are installed, GERWALK mode was mainly used when parking. While thrust, acceleration and maneuverability performance is the same as other VF, adopting a special transformation mechanism reduces on-board capacity and cruising range in space is short due to restriction in propellant capacity. This drawback is reduced by installing unmanned support fighter LD-262 Lil Draken that doubles as a fuel tank and booster. "Reheat System" uses Fold quartz excavated from Protoculture ruins on Windermere IV to improve over-boast system output compared to Ba-variant (Sv-262Hs). Although the system is inferior to the VF-31 Siegfried's Fold-Wave System and dedicated only to thrust operation, it almost doubles the thrust boost capacity. Sv-262Hs has higher purity and larger fold quartz which strengthens the overboost output. Powerful electronic jamming system and optical stealth system which camouflages exterior paint and markings. Cockpit is equipped with a image projection viewing system and non-transparent canopy.


  • Two P&W/RR/L.A.I. FF-2999/FC2 Stage IIG thermonuclear reaction turbine engine (in space, maximum thrust of 1,955 KN)
    • Equipped with joint variable 3D-maneuvering nozzle for both engines.
    • 25% over-boost when using "Reheat system" (Sv-262Ba)
    • 30% over-boost is possible when using "Reheat system" (Sv-262Hs)
  • P&W HMM-10A High maneuverability verniers.
  • LD-262 Lil Draken acts as boosters.


One pilot. Cockpit adopts a non-transparent armored canopy and exterior image from an external camera is projected onto the inner walls of the canopy. The family crest of each pilot is displayed on the armored canopy.


General Galaxy SW-2501 SWGA Energy Converting Armor. General Galaxy PPS-28 Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Bifors ESC-09G Active Stealth system. Anti-Optical Weapons stealth system.


Standard Armament

  • Two Mauler ROV-76 anti-aircraft laser beam machine gun in the nose cone in fighter mode and on head turret in Battroid mode.(Sv-262Hs)
  • Two Remmington LM-27C 27mm machine gun rail gun (mini gunpod). Mounted behind cockpit in fighter mode and on lower right arm in GERWALK and Battroid mode.
  • General Galaxy GBP-35A beam gunpod mounted on the ventral side in fighter mode in a semi-submerged state. In GERWALK mode, it moves to the dorsal side and acts as a turret.
  • Anti-projectile shield. In fighter mode, shield folds together and acts as a single tail fin.
  • DAS-03k Assault Sword "Draken Fang", stored in the right leg in Battroid mode. Foldable longsword designed to be lightweight due to airframe design limits. The blade is strengthened using energy conversion armor. Operating time is limited to 3 minutes due to the limited energy capacitor in the grip but can be extended by supplying energy from the manipulator. [Hs-type-only]
  • General Galaxy VPB-211R Pin-point barrier system.

Optional Armament

  • Four Bifors AIMM-4A micro-missile pods, mounted on the dorsal and ventral sides of the engines or on the legs in Battroid mode. Can be jettisoned during flight.
  • LD-262S Lil Draken. 30mm beam cannon or optional jamming system. Four Micro-Missile Launchers.

Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Wing span:
    • Sv-262Ba: 12.72m
    • Sv-262Hs: 13.00m
  • Length overall:
    • Sv-262Ba: 17.26m
    • Sv-262Hs: 17.54m
  • Height overall: 5.74m

Battroid mode

  • Height overall:
    • Sv-262Ba: 16.61m
    • Sv-262Hs: (without laser guns): 15.78m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty:
    • Sv-262Ba: 9,782 kg
    • Sv-262HS: 9,810 kg


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed:
    • standard, in atmosphere at 10000 m: Mach 5.8+, on account of the fuselage heat-resistance limit.
  • Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit without special equipment)
  • Maximum airframe design load: 30.8G (When ISC operates, the cockpit and equipment is protected from high G.)




Kawamori noted that this is the first time that a Valkyrie with this unique delta wing design variant has appeared in Macross.

Hidetaka Tenjin noted that the cockpit is not transparent.

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