Macross: Final Outpost: Earth

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Macross: Final Outpost: Earth
Created by Studio Nue
Shoji Kawamori
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Release date Chirstmas 1996, now indefinite hiatus
Production company Galaxy Films
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Macross: Final Outpost: Earth is a live-action production based on Macross.

Production Staff

Shoji Kawamori (center) and Ken Iyadomi (second from right) discuss pre-production with Galaxy Films in Southern California. 1994 July
  • Story Concept: Studio Nue, Shoji Kawamori
  • Producer: Minoru Takanashi
  • Script: David Newman (first draft)
  • Production: Galaxy Films


  • This project had been placed on indefinite pre-production hiatus. In the Macross Compendium, there are several projects whose release dates are still listed as "scheduled," even though those dates have already past. All such productions listed can be considered to be cancelled or on hold.