Macross 3D

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Macross 3D
Created by Studio Nue
Shoji Kawamori
Director Takeshi Mori
Release date indefinite hiatus
Production company GONZO
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Presented by: Big West
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Macross3D is a completely CG-based production based on Macross. There was a promotional video previewed at Tokyo Character Show 2000 on July 22-23, 2000 in Chiba, Japan.

Production Staff

  • Director: Takeshi Mori
  • Script: Dai Satoh
  • Character Design: Sonehachi
  • Mechanical Design/Art Production Design: Kazutaka Miyatake
  • Production: GONZO
  • Presented by: Big West
  • Story Concept/Mechanical Design/Executive Director: Shoji Kawamori


  • This project had been placed on indefinite pre-production hiatus. In the Macross Compendium, there are several projects whose release dates are still listed as "scheduled," even though those dates have already past. All such productions listed can be considered to be cancelled or on hold.