Macross 7 Encore

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Macross 7 Encore
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Created by Shoji Kawamori
Studio Nue
Director Tetsuro Amino
Release date December 18, 1995 (Encore OVA)
February 25, 1996(Volume 13)
Production company Ashi Productions
Distributor MBS
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Story Chronology 2045-2046

Macross 7 Encore is a set of 3 unbroadcasted episodes that were released to home video (OVA). Two episodes were released as Macross 7 Encore while an additional episode, entitled "Fleet of the Strongest Women", was released on the final VHS/LD volume of Macross 7.

Production Staff

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Cast and Characters

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Episode List

Episode # Episode Title
01 Fleet of the Strongest Women
02 On Stage
03 Which One Do You Love?


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Variable Vehicles

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