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Macross R - The Ride‎

Macross R - The Ride is a 12-chapter serialized novel side-story appearing in the monthly model and toy publication Dengeki Hobby. Additionally, it is published in digital format using the Crochet plug-in on Dengeki Hobby's website. It is set in 2058, a year before the events of the Macross Frontier series. The series has been collected into 2 volumes and was released by ASCII Media Works under the Dengeki Hobby Books-series.


The variable fighter, Valkyrie, who appeared on the battlefield during the Unification Wars....The Valkyrie was developed for several decades with the Valkyrie universe filled with all types, old and new. In this time, restoration of Valkyries used in races is born. The name is "Vanquish".

Valkyrie pilot skill, naturally, determines victory or defeat in the extreme rule of Battroid fighting received overwhelming support from the fleet citizens who are forced to live on a monotonous lifestyle, producing many fans in the Age of Galactic Discovery air race. The story begins with the New U.N. Armed Forces and PMC (military providers) participating secretly in the Vanquish-race.

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  1. Deep Space War Bird
  2. Up, Up, and Away
  3. Spiral Blue
  4. City Fight Step
  5. Virtual Sky
  6. Iron Maiden
  7. Past Days Attacker
  8. Combat Open
  9. Peace Children
  10. FASCES
  12. Final Lap (Final Chapter)


Variable Vehicles

Aerospace Craft

Armor and Artillery

Collected Volumes

Volume ISBN 13 (10) Release Date Cover
1 978-4048706544 (4048706543) 2011.06

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