Macross Ultimate Frontier

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Macross Ultimate Frontier
Console Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Disc Type UMD
Developer Artdink
Release date October 1st, 2009 (tentative)
No. of Players 1-4 (in ad hoc mode)
Distributor Bandai Namco Co., Ltd.
Story Chronology n/a
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Macross Ultimate Frontier (マクロス アルティメット フロンティア) is a 3-D Action game for PlayStation Portable hand-held game console and sequel to Macross Ace Frontier. The game adds a new Missile Alert system and Support Character System, which the heroines from the Macross-series appear along side you in battle. Additional characters include Lynn Minmay and Roy Focker. The game will be released in a standard edition and a limited edition with additional content.




  • 2-player Cooperative Play, up to 4 players in ad-hoc mode.
  • Features over 120 missions and 100 types of mecha to pilot.
  • New playable characters.
Macross Ultimate Frontier Limited Edition cover

Playable Mecha

Includes (but not limited to):


  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • Memory Stick Duo support for ad hoc communication

Release Information

  • Price: 6,890 Yen (7,329 Yen of including tax)

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